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Second Annual Heads Without Beds: Leaders Edition raises over $96,000
November 2, 2023

Throughout the month of October a group of 12 leaders joined together to fight furniture poverty in our region by fundraising for Home Again. Together they collectively raised over $96,000 for the Heads Without Beds campaign! To put that into a Home Again perspective, that equals:

- The fuel for 15,360 deliveries. Or,
- Single mattresses for 960 Children to finally dream on. Or,
- The rental and fuel of a cube van needed to furnish 3,840 homes

Thank you to our incredible leaders who slept without their bed for one night so others wouldn't have to. And thank you to our donors who helped us surpass our 2022 fundraiser by over $50,000. We wouldn't be able to continue to furnish homes in our region without your support.

If you didn't get to donate during the fundraiser, you can still support Home Again by donating online below.

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Social Enterprise, Again & Again, Grand Opening!
April 23, 2023

Home Again Furniture Bank's social enterprise,
Again & Again welcomed community leaders including Assistant Deputy Minister of Population Health and Wellness of the Department of Health and Community Services, Gillian Sweeney, City of St. John's Mayor, Danny Breen, as well as other valued partners to the private grand opening the thrift store.  

At the event, the
Government of Newfoundland and Labrador announced their generous funding towards the Again & Again Thrift Store. Allowing the store to continue the sale of repurposed and refurbished furniture that is not suitable for recipients of the furniture bank due to size or functionality.

Through the store's proceeds, Home Again is able to impact even more lives by supporting recipients physical and mental well-being through free furniture deliveries and the purchase one of the most needed items of furniture, new mattresses.

We are so thankful for this support and continued partnership and are excited to welcome the public to the grand opening of the store at 25 Hebron Way, Saturday, April 29th from 10:00 - 5:30.

To read about Again and Again in the news, visit us here:
Out of the Fog, VOCM, Saltwire, NTV Places to Go with Sharon Snow.

Help Deliver Comfort & Joy this Holiday Season
Donate now to double your impact with matching funds from Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
December 13, 2022

As the year comes to an end, we want to thank everyone who has supported Home Again.

Before we close out 2022, we are asking our community to be there once again for our neighbours who, tonight, will sleep on the floor and eat from their lap or kitchen counter..

Your past support assisted someone like Leanna* who we had the pleasure to speak with a few months ago. Leanna shared:

"When I received the furniture, I had more time to focus on my health instead of where I was going to sleep each night... and now with consistent support from my doctor, I have the right support so my physical and mental health has improved."

This young woman had been shuffled between 17 foster homes before ending up homeless and couch surfing. Although she didn’t feel safe or happy, Leanna’s anxiety about living in an empty, unfurnished house prevented her from finding housing. It wasn’t until she heard of Home Again that Leanna felt hopeful and motivated to find safe, stable housing. Knowing she could receive furniture - for free - meant Leanna could finally start to dream of a different, and better, future. 

Since that time, Leanna’s life has been transformed: for more than two years, Leanna has maintained housing, a full-time job and a volunteer position on a Board of Directors. Leanna says, "Thank you. But thank you doesn't seem big enough… my life started over." 

Your past support helped people to start over with hope and a sense of possibility. And now, your help is needed once again. At Home Again, we’ve seen a spike in demand for our service. In 2022, every other month brings 50+ new furniture requests. This is in stark contrast to the three years prior with only one month at this shockingly high number. Inevitably, the increased demand for our service is placing a considerable strain on our resources. We're asking for your support to help us meet the increased demand.

Donate today and double your impact with matching funds from Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro.

Presenting: Again & Again Furniture and Decor Thrift
November 9, 2022

At Home Again, we're always grateful to anyone who thinks of us when they are parting with their furniture. Sometimes, certain furniture pieces may not be suitable for our clients given size, practicality or purpose, and because of this, we couldn't accept them. Until now!

The thrift store offers more convenience to our donors by allowing us to accept all of their furniture, while helping Home Again become more sustainable by selling pieces (large cabinets, armoires, vintage/antique or unique items that serve a decorative purpose) that we'd otherwise have to leave behind. All proceeds from sales will go back to Home Again and the continuation of delivering comfort, dignity and stability to those who need it most. This is needed now, more than ever, as demand for Home Again's service continues to dramatically increase.

This social enterprise will not only support the work of Home Again, it will provide employment opportunities, volunteer opportunities and allow us to partner with other groups and organizations. Stay tuned for more info on that front!

Again & Again opens to the public on Saturday, November 12 at 10AM, and from there the regular hours of operation are Wednesday to Saturday - 10:00AM - 5:30PM. It's located at 25 Hebron Way. Follow
Again & Again on Instagram & Facebook: @thriftagainandagain

Introducing Heads Without Beds: Leaders Edition
October 3, 2022

Today we launch the first-ever Heads Without Beds: Leaders Ed
ition campaign.

Building on the engagement and success we experienced with our community Heads Without Beds campaign over the years, this edition brings together inspiring community & business leaders to raise awareness and funds to support the free delivery of beds, sofas, tables and other furnishings to families and individuals of all ages, backgrounds and circumstances.

By sleeping without their bed for just one night and finding sponsors to support their efforts, participants are helping to ensure others in our region won’t have to do without. Every head deserves a bed.

Meet the "Heads" and support them here:

Home Again and Newbornlander Collaborate for a Cause
August 11, 2022

This 100% local collaboration gives us the warm and fuzzies!

Your purchase of Newbornlander's handmade Come Home Blanket will support families and individuals in need with 25% of each sale going to Home Again.

The artwork on this adorable baby blanket is by The Quilted Stash and represents the famous jellybean row houses of St. John's!

This eco-friendly blanket can be a perfect gift and souvenir for your precious little ones and can be used in Summer, Fall and Winter.

Purchase here!

Recipient tells personal story of how furniture donations changed his life
Home Again Furniture Bank raising funds to help people like Thomas and decrease waitlist
April 20, 2022

Since 2016, Home Again Furniture Bank has delivered gently-used furniture to 2,135 homes - individuals and families in need - living in the Northeast Avalon region of NL. That means 2,135 unique stories from the people within these homes - individuals and families of all ages, from all backgrounds and circumstances. One of these stories belongs to Thomas Young who graciously shared his appreciation and story with us to share with others. Read Thomas' story here.

Heads Without Beds Campaign 2022
April 4, 2022

Heads Without Beds is BACK! This year's campaign launches April 4th and we'll be taking to the floors on April 29th. Spend one night without your bed so others don't have to. Are you in?

A New Homecoming for Home Again
April 11, 2022

Back 7 years ago, Home Again Furniture Bank started as an idea amongst a diverse group of community-minded people who came together to respond to a prevalent issue identified in our region: furniture poverty. Many of those founding members remain as employees, partners, volunteers and donors today.

Since that small seed was planted in 2015, Home Again has blossomed into an established organization with growing brand awareness; strong corporate, government and community partnerships; a Board of Directors; and a busy 5-person team (2 f/t, 3 p/t) supported by MANY volunteers. To date, 2109 homes have been furnished, 2058 donors have supported those in need, and 431 tonnes of furniture have been saved from a landfill.

The Anglican Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador came on board in the very early days to be the foundation we needed to build what we have today. Until recently, Home Again was operating under the umbrella of the Parish of the Ascension. Today, we’re proud to publicly announce that Home Again is now its own stand-alone, fully incorporated organization with our own charitable status. We are deeply grateful for the support from the Anglican Dioceses, and our partnership remains strong through their continued financial and in-kind support, and our intake of clients referred through participating parishes.

While this announcement may sound administrative, it symbolizes much more than that - our next chapter. One of growth, sustainability and new initiatives that will enhance our efforts in ensuring the dignity, stability, wellness and comfort a well-furnished home brings to those we serve.

The Home Again

Home Again issues a quarterly newsletter, Furniture Matters, to anyone interested in learning more about what we do and the impact we have. We highlight the quarters’ achievements, our recipients, partners and other stories and events that have happened or are upcoming. Below is a link to our latest newsletters:
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