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Join our community of Dreamers until June 30, and an additional $200 will be donated thanks to our Dream Makers:
Rev Motors and Sold By Stokes

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On any given day, over 100 people in your community are living without essential furniture, like beds, couches and dining tables. This includes people who have experienced loss, seniors, new Canadians, those coming out of the foster or shelter system, previously incarcerated individuals, and even families with young children.

With your help Home Again collects and redistributes gently-used furniture to your neighbours who need it most. As the only furniture bank serving the Northeast Avalon, Home Again aims to end furniture poverty for good one delivery at a time.  

Each week, Home Again delivers beds, sofas, tables and other essentials to an average of 10 homes. These neighbours had previously been sleeping on floors or eating from cardboard box 'tables'. Adam, who has cerebral palsy, had tears of joy when he described receiving a bed after months of discomfort and interrupted sleep on the floor.

“I would not want anybody to go through what I had to go through...I am so grateful to [Home Again] for helping me to get a bed and get my life back on track... It’s made a huge difference in my life.” 

With your help, Home Again Furniture Bank transforms homes and lives, like Adam’s, every single week. We do this at absolutely no cost to the recipient because we believe everyone deserves the comfort, dignity and stability of a well-furnished home. 

As the only furniture bank in the region, Home Again provides a unique and essential service, delivering comfort, stability, security and hope to our vulnerable neighbours. 


Homes Furnished

Each year, over 500 hundred homes, and lives, are transformed by the free delivery of furniture. One single mother shared:

My daughter was immediately overjoyed at having a real bed and a desk to do her homework!... I feel like we are much better equipped now to begin the process of healing and hopefully thriving as a family. (My daughter wanted me to add that maybe now she can also invite friends over!) Thank you for your contributions to our new home.”

There are still over 100 people, like this single mom, who are waiting for furniture you can help change that today!




Without volunteers like you, we wouldn't be able to help so many of your neighbours receive the comfort, stability and dignity they deserve. Whether you're moving furniture, assisting with event planning or engaging on a committee, our volunteers transform homes and lives throughout the region. 

You can feel just like this volunteer when you dedicate your time to Home Again:

“Volunteering with Home Again was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life...leaving me feeling moved, grateful and inspired… One client was new to Canada and had two duffel bags of clothes and an air mattress in his apartment when we arrived. We fitted him out with a couch, bed, bookshelf, nightstands and dresser. As we were leaving, he thanked us with such sincerity and said, ‘You’ve changed everything for me.’ I have tears in my eyes remembering it.”

I Want to Volunteer

Donors and Grantors

Thanks to our generous partners and funders, thousands of lives throughout our region have been improved. With their support, the housing stability and overall well-being of our most vulnerable citizens has been improved. In thanking our partners, one furniture recipient said, “Tonight, I have a bed to sleep in.” 

Our Supporters

Become a Dreamer

You can give the gift of a bed to sleep (and dream) in when you join our community of Dreamers.

As a Dreamer, you'll ensure more people in our region will have a bed to sleep in, a table to share a meal around and a sofa to relax on. Your sustaining monthly donation will make a life-changing difference. Join the community of Dreamers today.

The support of generous donors like you means hundreds of homes, and lives, are transformed each year. By donating now, you will provide the basic furnishings needed to turn a house into a home.

Become a Dreamer today and give individuals and families in your community the gift of furniture and an opportunity to dream.

Become a Dreamer

Dream Makers

Our Dream Makers are a special community of local business owners who have joined Home Again in dreaming of a region where everyone has a bed to sleep in and a table to share a meal around. 

Dream Makers inspire others to contribute what they can, and support the free furnishing of homes, by each donating $100 for every new monthly donor who registers during our annual Dreamers campaign.

To learn more about Dream Makers, download this document.

Learn About Dream Makers
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Our Dream Makers

Mark Nichols

Fronie Squibb

Lorne Pike and Associates

Fr. Jonathan and Emily Rowe

Lynn and Glenn Sullivan

Robert and Delphine Lymburner

Kim and Lester Pike

J. Paul Walsh and Robin Bartlett

Don and Marie Rowe

Maureen Lymburner and Nassim Missaghian

Elizabeth Baker

Bishop Sam and Jill Rose

Arlene and Derek Scott

Scott MacLachlan and Alison Malcolm

Kathleen Murphy and Chad Workman

Paul Bugge

Our 4 anonymous donors

Our Dreamers

Mark Nichols

Fronie Squibb

Fr. Jonathan and Emily Rowe

Lynn and Glenn Sullivan

Robert and Delphine Lymburner

Kim and Lester Pike

Don and Marie Rowe

Maureen Lymburner and Nassim Missaghian

Bishop Sam and Jill Rose

Scott MacLachlan and Alison Malcolm

Kathleen Murphy and Chad Workman

Arlene and Derek Scott

Anonymous donors

J. Paul Walsh and Robin Bartlett

Mark and Doreen Brown

Ray Critch

Tom Hynes

Erin Molloy and Chris Boulos

Amy Tulk and Vince Andrews

Don Gillis

Coopers Heating Solutions Inc.

Richard Pike

Jackie Penney

Susan Day

Melanie Noseworthy

ethree Consulting Inc.

Jewel Cousens

Catherine Lymburner

Steve Wolinetz and Karen Lippold

Rob Forsythe and Maryn Walzak

In memory of Tiz Barnes

Kristen Murray

Ms. Lynn MacCannell

Newfound Grazing Co.

Shawn Bursey

Claire Moore-Gibbons

Source Energy Atlantic Inc.

Marlayne & Chris Hardy

Lisa Simms

Susan Quinlan

Paul Henderson

Diane Daly

Brian McNamara

Winter Heating Ltd.

Anthony Lambert

Barb O'Keefe

Blinds & Drapes Etc.

Big D

Bill Strong

Carmella Singleton

Evelyn Lundrigan

Kevin & Betty Kane

Pam King

Paul Roebothan

Jennifer Edwards

Reverend Jolene Peters in Memory of Tiz

Sara Daly

Your one-time, or recurring, donation will help transform homes, and lives, in our region.  Donate

Your gently-used furniture will help turn a house into a home. Schedule your tax-receiptable $25 pick-up today.  Learn more

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By going one night without your bed, you can help hundreds of neighbours finally receive a bed of their own.

When you join Heads Without Beds you'll raise funds and awareness among your community and go one night without your bed so others in our region won’t have to. With your help we can give your neighbours the comfort they deserve and together, we can end furniture poverty in our region.
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We are always looking for people like you who are passionate about giving back to the community. Donating your time, energy and expertise will have a direct, positive impact.  Learn more