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Your support will impact hundreds of homes and lives in your community.

Corporate Opportunities

Your team can be a part of changing lives and transforming homes in our region as we work to end furniture poverty in the North East Avalon. From Special Delivery Days with your team to fun and engaging corporate fundraising opportunities, we invite you to visit our corporate opportunities page or connect with our Director of Development, Maureen Lymburner to find a solution that suits your team and level of involvement.

Corporate Opportunities

Lend a Hand to Those in Need

Become a volunteer to help bring comfort and dignity to those in need

Become a Volunteer

When you volunteer with Home Again you're involvement will transform hundreds of homes and lives in your community. Helping others is not only the right thing to do, it also feels great! Our volunteers tell us “It was the most meaningful work I’ve ever done in my life.” They are the very heart of Home Again. We are proud to have worked with more than 300 dedicated and passionate individuals and are always happy to welcome new volunteers. 

Home Again’s volunteers, and their roles, are as diverse as our clients. Whether it’s for one hour a month or one day a week, your contribution makes a difference. Whatever your interest, there is a role for you in ending regional furniture poverty. 

To learn more about our volunteer opportunities, download this pamphlet

I Want to Volunteer

Become a Dreamer

Join our community of Dreamers and you’ll ensure others have a bed to sleep (and dream) in.

When you join our community of Dreamers, you ensure more people in our region will have a bed to sleep in, a table to share a meal around and a sofa to relax on. Your sustaining monthly donation will make a life-changing difference. Join the community of Dreamers today.

Monthly support allows us to budget and plan more effectively. A year of monthly donations, no matter the amount, can make a significant difference. Here are 10 reasons to give $10.

The support of our generous donors means hundreds of homes, and lives, are transformed each year. But we can’t do it alone. By donating now, you will provide the basic furnishings needed to turn a house into a home.

Become a Dreamer today and give individuals and families across the Northeast Avalon the gift of furniture and an opportunity to dream.

Become a Dreamer

Our Dreamers

Mark Nichols

Fronie Squibb

Lorne Pike and Associates

Fr. Jonathan and Emily Rowe

Lynn and Glenn Sullivan

Robert and Delphine Lymburner

Kim and Lester Pike

J. Paul Walsh and Robin Bartlett

Don and Marie Rowe

Maureen Lymburner and Nassim Missaghian

Elizabeth Baker

Bishop Sam and Jill Rose

Arlene and Derek Scott

Scott MacLachlan and Alison Malcolm

Kathleen Murphy and Chad Workman

Paul Bugge

Our 4 anonymous donors

Mark Nichols

Fronie Squibb

Fr. Jonathan and Emily Rowe

Lynn and Glenn Sullivan

Robert and Delphine Lymburner

Kim and Lester Pike

Don and Marie Rowe

Maureen Lymburner and Nassim Missaghian

Bishop Sam and Jill Rose

Scott MacLachlan and Alison Malcolm

Kathleen Murphy and Chad Workman

Arlene and Derek Scott

Anonymous donors

J. Paul Walsh and Robin Bartlett

Mark and Doreen Brown

Ray Critch

Tom Hynes

Erin Molloy and Chris Boulos

Amy Tulk and Vince Andrews

Don Gillis

Coopers Heating Solutions Inc.

Richard Pike

Jackie Penney

Susan Day

Melanie Noseworthy

ethree Consulting Inc.

Rob Forsythe and Maryn Walzak

Steve Wolinetz and Karen Lippold

Jewel Cousens

Catherine Lymburner

In memory of Tiz Barnes

Kristen Murray

Ms. Lynn MacCannell

Newfound Grazing Co.

Shawn Bursey

Claire Moore-Gibbons

Source Energy Atlantic Inc.

Marlayne & Chris Hardy

Lisa Simms

Susan Quinlan

Paul Henderson

Diane Daly

Brian McNamara

Winter Heating Ltd.

Anthony Lambert

Barb O'Keefe

Big D

Bill Strong

Carmella Singleton

Evelyn Lundrigan

Kevin & Betty Kane

Pam King

Paul Roebothan

Jennifer Edwards

Reverend Jolene Peters in Memory of Tiz

Sara Daly

Become a
Dream Maker

Our Dream Makers are a special community of local business owners who have joined Home Again in dreaming of a region where everyone has a bed to sleep in and a table to share a meal around. 

When you join Dream Makers, you’ll help ensure everyone has the comfort, dignity and stability of a well-furnished home. 

During our annual campaign, Dream Makers donate every time a new person becomes a monthly donor. Through inspiring others to give, and supporting the free furnishing of homes, our Dream Makers make dreams possible. To learn more about joining other Dream Makers, reach out to Maureen Lymburner at
Yes! Tell me about Dream Makers

2024 Dream Makers

Plan a Fundraiser

You can turn something you and others enjoy into a fundraiser in support of Home Again. Our Community Fundraising Toolkit is filled with ideas and tips to make your fundraiser easier. You can also easily fundraise through Facebook  on your birthday or simply just because.

For more information about planning a fundraiser and to complete your fundraising agreement, please reach out to Maureen. I’m here to help!


Make a Donation

Your tax-receiptable donation will help transform homes, and lives, in our region. You can make a secure online donation or write a cheque to Home Again Furniture Bank and mail it to our address at 58 Smallwood Drive, Mount Pearl, NL A1N 1B1).


Donate Furniture

Donate your gently-used furniture to those in need. Visit our Donate page for more information and FAQs.

Donate Furniture

Heads Without Beds

Participants raise funds and awareness among their networks to go one night without their bed so others in our region won’t have to. Together, we can end furniture poverty.

Community CampaignLeaders Edition

Shop at Again & Again

To become more sustainable and ensure the growing need for Home Again's service continues, we have opened the doors to our first social enterprise endeavour in the form of a furniture and decor thrift store, selling furniture that is not suitable for, or requested by, clients who are referred to us; furniture that would otherwise have to be refused - until now! Again & Again is located at 25 Hebron Way, St. John's.

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